Total Protection

Emergent Protect is comprehensive coverage - the OEM warranty and extended warranty are included in the MSRP*.

Easy Purchase

In addition to comprehensive coverage, the customer can elect the Monthly Pay with Upgrade option: the consumer makes 12 monthly payments (OEM and extended warranty coverage included).

Increased Loyalty

Finally, toward the end of the product’s OEM warranty period, the consumer receives a promotional offer on a new or upgraded product with trade-in**. Not only does the Monthly Pay with Upgrade option add value by making it easier to buy the product, but it increases brand loyalty by offering the consumer a chance to continue ownership of the OEM’s product line beyond the initial purchase.

As an option, Emergent can manage only the OEM warranty, and the consumer can choose to purchase the extended warranty at point of sale***.

* Emergent and the OEM collaborate on setting the MSRP
** for products with $200+ MSRP
*** Monthly Pay with Upgrade option NA