Manage the OEM warranty more efficiently

OEMs typically set aside a certain percent of sales to cover anticipated OEM warranty expenses. Since Emergent’s business is totally focused on warranty management, Emergent can handle OEM warranty activities more efficiently, for a lesser set-aside percent.

As a result, in most cases, Emergent can manage the OEM warranty for less than what the OEM client can. For example, an OEM plans to launch a product with a 5% set-aside and manage warranty activities internally. However, Emergent can manage this same warranty work typically for 80-85% of the anticipated set-aside. Emergent saves the OEM money, plus it takes the warranty burden off of the OEM, allowing it to focus on what OEMs are good at…product design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

Emergent extended warranty programs are generous

Emergent offers clients a generous cut of the extended warranty revenues. In addition, Emergent clients enjoy the benefit of working with just one company to manage all of its warranty needs.

Note: Emergent services are currently available in the United States and Canada